Data Management and Demographic Assessment

Ramah Navajo Chapter P.L. 93-638

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Welcome to the information page for the Data Management and Demographic Assessment.

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What is Data Management and Demographic Assessment? (also referred to as Community Assessment)

The Ramah Navajo Chapter 638’ Office of Grants and Contracts is completing a Demographic Assessment (a.k.a. Community Assessment) of the Ramah Navajo Community. Community Development Department will be creating a comprehensive database from the information collected. This database will be used to assess the needs of the Ramah Navajo People within the community.

Our database will provide information that will help prioritize funding considerations and establishment of new funding sources for the Ramah Navajo Community.

How will this benefit the community?

The information collect will benefit the following program and activities within the community;

  1. Administration
  2. Community Development
  3. Chapter Assistance
  4. Police and Corrections Department
  5. Economic Development
  6. Education
  7. Elderly Programs
  8. 911 Rural Addressing
  9. Employment
  10. Housing
  11. Waterline Extension
  12. Electrical and Solar Power

What type of information are we collecting?

The type of information collected are;

  1. Educational Background*
  2. Employment Status*
  3. Child Care Information*
  4. Income Information*
  5. Type of Housing*
  6. Family Composition*
  7. Current Occupancy*
  8. Property Status*

*The information collected above will be only be use to create a graph. Questionnaire Answers will be kept private. See privacy disclaimer at the end bottom of this webpage.

Who is completing this questionnaire?

The head of household should complete this questionnaire or the spouse of the head of household.

Each Unit within the Ramah Navajo Community is completing these questionnaires. Some questionnaires are dropped off at the door or gates for community members that aren’t home. Please complete these questionnaires and contact us to pick it up and/or call us if you any questions regarding this questionnaire.

How long is this assessment taking place?

This Demographic Assessment is estimated to take 3 months. April to June.

Where is Community Development Department located?

Community Development Department (formerly Community Planning and Development Department) is located in Mountain View behind the Court House next to the old Senior Citizen Center.

What do I do with the Questionnaires that were left at my door or entry gate?

Please complete these questionnaires, if you have any questions please contact our office or the personnel that is assigned to your unit. We would be happy to help you with the questionnaire. Please do not discard any of the questionnaires that were left behind for you. If you are unable to drop off this questionnaire at our office. Please call us and we will come to your home or work to pick up the questionnaire.

Assigned Personnel and Units

Your cooperation and participation in this effort is very important to determine the effectiveness of our funding applications for the Ramah Navajo Community Projects.

Ahéhee’ (Thank you)


Privacy Disclaimer

Any data that the interviewer collects from the interview for use in the report will not under any circumstances contain the names of the interviewee and/or household members.

Any information that is provided is confidential and that information will not lead to identification of any individual(s) or be disclosed in any reports or to any other party.

Report based on the interview will be kept in a secure storage and accessible to only the Community Development Department interviewers only.

All Data Collected During The Demographic Assessment (a.k.a. Community Assessment) Will Be Maintained By The Community Development Department Personnel And Will Be Kept Confidential. All Computerized Data Will Be Accessible Only By CDD Personnel Designated With Individual “Need-To-Know” Clearance.


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