Welcome to the Official Website for the Ramah Navajo Chapter P.L. 93-638 Office of Grants and Contracts. A ten department government organization that provides services to the Ramah Band of Navajos (TΙ’oh chini Diné – means ‘the People of the Place of Wild Onions’).

Following is a list of the twelve departments along with their directors, ten of the departments are under the Ramah Navajo Chapter P.L. 93-638 organization;

David Jose, Chapter President (Navajo Nation)

Darnell J. Maria, Acting Executive Director (RNC – 638)

Earla Begay, Chief Financial Officer (RNC- 638)

McDarrell Martinez, Property and Procurement Manager (RNC – 638)

Gilbert Maria, Community Development Department Director (RNC – 638)

Darren Soland, Chief of Police (RNC – 638)

Tsuyesva Kelhoyouma, Corrections Administrator (RNC-638)

Michael Henio, Trust Services Director (RNC – 638)

Kee Cowboy, Facilities Management Foreman (RNC – 638)

Shane Lewis, Transportation Director (RNC – 638)

Kee Lee, Realty Supervisor (RNC – 638)

Brenda L. Yazzie, Community Service Coordinator (Navajo Nation)