Our Mission Statement

The mission of the Ramah Navajo Chapter Office of Grants and Contracts is to nurture the well-being and growth of our community and its people by promoting and carrying out comprehensive Community Services, Programs and Opportunities; Promoting and Advocating self-determination; Maintaining and Enhancing respect of our Navajo Traditional Values, Cultural Heritage and Family; and encouraging continuous growth toward self-sufficient community.


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Rural Addressing

Providing Rural E-911 Addressing services to the Ramah Navajo community member.


Ramah Navajo Chapter YouTube page. Providing digital media.

Welcome to the Official Website for the Ramah Navajo Chapter P.L. 93-638 Office of Grants and Contracts. A ten department government organization that provides services to the Ramah Band of Navajos (TΙ’oh chini Diné – means ‘the People of the Place of Wild Onions’).

Following is a list of the twelve departments along with their directors, ten of the departments are under the Ramah Navajo Chapter P.L. 93-638 organization;

David Jose, Chapter President (Navajo Nation)

Darnell J. Maria, Acting Executive Director (RNC – 638)

Earla Begay, Chief Financial Officer (RNC- 638)

McDarrell Martinez, Property and Procurement Manager (RNC – 638)

Gilbert Maria, Community Development Department Director (RNC – 638)

Darren Soland, Chief of Police (RNC – 638)

Vacant, Corrections Administrator (RNC-638)

Michael Henio, Trust Services Director (RNC – 638)

Kee Cowboy, Facilities Management Foreman (RNC – 638)

Shane Lewis, Transportation Director (RNC – 638)

Kee Lee, Realty Supervisor (RNC – 638)

Brenda L. Yazzie, Community Service Coordinator (Navajo Nation)

Meet our programs and team

Providing services to the Ramah Navajo community and enhance the ability of making our community safe and healthy.
Department Directors

Department Directors

Office of Grants and Contracts

Darnell J. Maria Acting Executive Director
Earla Begay, Chief Financial Officer
Gilbert Maria, Comm. Develop. Director
Darren Soland, Chief of Police
Wallace Edison, Acting Corrections Admin
Michael Henio, Trust Services Director
Kee Lee, Realty Manager
Kimberly Maria, Facilities Administrator
Shane Lewis, Transportation Manager

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