Administration Office

Left to Right: Shondarae Dooley, Audrey Jake, Darnell J. Maria, Priscilla Kaye

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Phone Email
Darnell J. Maria, Executive Director (505) 240-8000
Priscilla Kaye, Human Resource Manager (505) 240-8000
Shondarae Dooley, Human Resource Technician (505) 240-8000
Audrey Jake, Office Technician (505) 240-8000

Mission Statement/Values

The mission of the Ramah Navajo Chapter Office of grants and contracts is to nurture the well-being and growth of our community and its people by promoting and carrying out comprehensive community services, programs and opportunities; promoting and advocating self-determination: maintaining and enhancing respect of our Navajo traditional values, cultural heritage and family; and encouraging continuous growth toward a self-sufficient community.

Services Description

The RNC grants and contracts administration provides administrative supports to the contracted programs; Natural Resources/ Agricultural program; Forestry program; Law Enforcement and Corrections; Community Development Department and other programs. The grants and contracts Administration also provides assistance to the RNC Lead Leadership with government issues and concerns as well as outside agencies at the tribal, state and national level.

The Ramah Navajo Chapter Administration Office is the department that is responsible for the decision making on a lot of large projects for the Ramah Navajo Chapter Office of Grants and Contracts. This department works closes with the Business Office and the Ramah Navajo Chapter Tribal Officials. Many hours of work goes in to different projects and programs in order for everything to fall through accordingly to the policies, procedures, guidelines and processes. The Ramah Navajo Chapter Executive Director’s office is located in this facility. Darnell J. Maria is the Executive Director (E.D.). The E.D. overlooks all the department that is under the Ramah Navajo Chapter Office of Grants and Contracts and is the source contact for any large projects that the Ramah Navajo Chapter is currently working on and the E.D.’s assisting assistant is Audrey Jake, Office Technician.

The Ramah Navajo Chapter’s Human Resources office is also located in this facility. Priscilla Kaye is the Human Resource Manager is in charge of the employment and applicant statuses, and she is assisted by Shondarae Dooley, the Human Resource Technician.

The Human Resources Technician, assists with the administration on the day to day tasks and operations of the human resources department. The HR Technician completes some or all of the following functions and responsibilities: department development, employee relations, training and development, benefits, compensation, organization development, executive administration, and employment.

Executive Directors Signature Schedule for CY 2017

Monday 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM
Wednesday 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM
Friday 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM


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