Business Office

Mission Statement

“The mission of the Ramah Navajo Chapter, Grants and Contract-Business Office is to provide financial management through efficient and effective administrative support to all programs by providing maximum services using the Chapter’s limited resources and to assure expenditure to federal, state, and Navajo Nation funds are made according to applicable guidelines through meaningful and accurate financial data in a timely manner.”

Business Office Services

The Business Office is one of four departments that provide administrative support services to the P.L. 638 Office of Grants and Contracts programs, Navajo Nation funded programs.  The primary objective of the Business Office is to provide accurate accounting and financial management services for all funds received by Ramah Navajo Chapter according to accounting principles, regulations and laws.

The Property and Procurement arm of the Business Office provides procurement assistance to programs using Navajo and other Native American owned businesses and to carryout fiduciary responsibilities to protect the assets of the Chapter.

New Service as of July 2020:

Physical Address Verification
Is a documentation that is required from any agency, organization, and department that is leasing out equipment or property and this document is also required by any government issuing vital documents. This document contains vital information of your accurate location within the Rural Community of Ramah Navajo. This location is used for the emergency dispatchers for medical services, law enforcement services, and fire.

Phone Numbers: 505-240-6211

GIS/Mapping Services
GIS is serving the community by collecting data and GPS new homes and prep them for new addresses. The GIS office is consistently in contact with Navajo Nation Addressing Authority NNAA to provide the need addresses to the Ramah Navajo Community. Mapping Services is providing data to the community as a resource guide. These maps are available for the public at this office. Sizes and Prices are listed below. For more information please contact Tim Maria Sr. (505) 240-6211

Check Processing /Distribution Schedule

Time Description
Monday All Day Reconiliation of: Travel Reports, Fuel Reports, P.O. Liquidations & File Maintenance
Tuesday 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM Check Processing
Wednesday 10:00 AM and 3:00 PM Check Released
Thursday 10:00 AM and 2:00 PM Check Processing
Friday 10:00 AM and 3:00 PM Check Released

If you should have any questions please give Accounts Payable a call at (505) 240-8000.


Local Per Diem Rates

Meals and Incidental Expense (M&IE) Breakdown

Privately Own Vehicle (POV) Milage Reimbursement Rates

Fire Safety Information


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