Department of Transportation

A Division of the Office of Grants and Contracts P.L. 93-638

(Formed in the Year 2015)

Direct Phone Number: (505) 876-9676

Our Vision

Our vision is to enhance the educational, health, quality of life, and economic opportunities of the Ramah Navajo People by providing a safe and sustainable transportation system for the Ramah Navajo Chapter and the people who travel on the Ramah Navajo Chapter Road and Bridge System.

Our Mission

Through the Office of Grants and Contracts, the RNDOT oversees the planning, design, construction and maintenance of the Ramah Navajo Chapters transportation system.

Our Responsibilities

The Road System within the Ramah Navajo Bands jurisdiction is currently composed of approximately 29.1 paved miles and 451.3 miles of gravel surfaced or maintained earthen roadway routes. The RNDOT management areas are further subdivided in five units and transportation system elements.

The RNDOT recognizes our stakeholders within the Chapter, at Federal Lands, at Navajo Nation, at the Department of Interior, and Bureau of Indian Affairs and within the New Mexico Department of Transportation and our regional planning boundaries.

Transportation Committee 2019

Oreos Eriacho

Vice President
Ernest Pino


Kimberly Maria

Vivianita Coho

Additional Transportation Information

Federal Highways Administration (Website)


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