Thank you Joe for your services!!!

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Today, we celebrated a great man that has provide services to the Ramah Navajo People for the past 2 ½ years. Mr. Joe Sanchez, P.E. has been our Ramah Navajo Department of Transportation Director/Engineer since BIA has transferred the old Roads Department Yard and the Transportation Program over to Ramah Navajo Chapter Office of Grants and Contracts in 2015.

Mr. Sanchez has upgraded various different equipment to improve the roadways for our community, he has also upgraded the road yard department with up to date technology and a new network infrastructure.

Overall, he has trained and taught our RNDOT crew and personnel important lessons on transportation. As we are saddened by this sudden change. We wish Mr. Sanchez the best in his endeavors and thank him for his services for our transportation department, our organization, and our community!